About us

UNITRAFAD Ltd has longtime experience in producing different transformers by type and purpose. Our production is used widely in electrical, mechanical and electronic engineering.

The production technologies used allow the production of transformers from 2 VA up to 100 KVA, in accordance with the EN 61558 standard requirements.

The company produces: mono-phase transformers of mantle-type, kernel-type and toroidal-type core; three-phase transformers; mono-phase and three-phase chokes; welding and plasma-cutting transformers; high-voltage transformers for HF generators; coil products; power supply products; magnetic circuits. Apart from the traditionally produced transformers different special-type transformers are produced on clients’ request.

The quality of the products is guaranteed by the ISO 9001/2008 certificate held by the company, as well as the quality materials used, the strict application of the and technologies and 100% exit control.

Our partners – suppliers of materials are the following companies The production area of the company is located in the pretty village of Dryanovo.